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Industrial Fans & Blowers General Knowledge
2016-10-11 10:33

Fans and blowers are categorized by their airflow design.  The predominate categories for industrial fans and blowers are centrifugal and axial flow.  Centrifugal flow fans blow the air at right angles to the airstream as it enters the inlet of the fan.  Axial fans move the air along the same axis as the airflow to the inlet of the fan.
Centrifugal and axial fans are further defined by the wheel or impeller that is selected.  Wheels change the performance that can be achieved, the obtainable efficiency and thus the horsepower requirement.
A third important category includes those fans proven to meet the requirements of specific applications.  These are specialized designs that perform reliably in extreme conditions.  We call these Specialty Fans.
Fans and blowers include following catagories:
1. Cast aluminum pressure blowers, axial and vaneaxial fans, industrial exhausters, roof ventilators, centrifugal fans and marine duty fans for a host of air moving requirements.
2. Building ventilation systems including wall panel fans and rooftop exhausters.
3. Engineered fans and blowers applied to abrasive, high temperature, material handling and paper trim “chopper” applications.
4. Corrosive environment fans constructed of FRP, PVC, SS, polypropylene, and Kynar materials.
5. Multistage, positive displacement and regenerative blowers used in vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems design.
6. OEM fans where catalogued equipment needs to be modified to fit into a client’s product.
7. Dust collector and mist collector fans.